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Daniel – Sagittarius

Hi, welcome to my about page, my philosophies, my triumphs and a little of my history is all here.

About me:

While growing up I Competed in Gymnastics, took instrumental and singing lessons, around the age of 15 I was introduced to ballet and fell in love with the stage and with performance. After graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy with a focus on Ballet I started off into the “big” world wanting to dance ballet during the day, and sing at night like a musician, and change the world at the same time.

Even though I never became a famous ballet dancer (if that is such a thing) nor a musician, what I did learn was to have heart and to be disciplined.


I started my own business 8 years ago at 22 working for myself. Since then I have built a business that covers multiple states in the US and reaches Internationally. Year after year growing and now creating a six figure income to provide for my family (2 kids & wife). -It hasn’t all been roses, see my why section below- At first I focused on coaching and training clients in weight loss, Fitness & Nutrition. I myself lost over 40 lbs. (keeping it off 8 years now) and started helping others achieve their health and weight loss goals. With the need in the world today with more health risks than ever I had great success with this part of my business. What I discovered was that was only the first step of the process. We are more than just physical beings. We might get excited and get motivated and have a great result but if we don’t work on the habits that lead us to down the wrong path in the first place we can’t expect our results to last.

Now my focus is on making my clients work on not just their physical health but their mental, financial, familial and spiritual health.

Happier & Healthier


We all have things that make us tick, please excuse me for a second while I tell you some personal beliefs and why i have them.

November, 20 2008 My Mother committed suicide, she struggled for many years with bipolar depression and PTSD from an event during her college years.


My whole life seemed to stop, I was dancing based on her encouragement, I sang and played because she loved watching and hearing me. I didn’t stop, but I can say I didn’t give it my all anymore. I started drinking, smoking, popping pills, really anything to change my state of being and to get attention.

Mainly negative attention. I made bad life choices (sold my car bought a motorcycle) and one day ended up in a ditch after passing out behind the wheel of my motorcycle. NO that is not when my life changed, thankfully someone stole the gas tank and seat from my motorcycle and to this day I am thankful that happened.

Fast forward 3 years of struggling to dance, sing, & sell anything I could to make ends meet, I was so broke I would strategize where I was getting my next meal at a friends house from, I didn’t own a car or have a license and no education training. Thankfully in 2012 I met my mentor, and he said a key phrase that changed my whole life. “Work on yourself harder than you do your job”. This opened my eyes to the whole idea of personal development and coaching. The wheels have been rolling ever since.

My life goal, help someone/anyone/whoever want to stay on this earth for as long and with as full of a life as they can potentially achieve. Unfortunately my mothers talents all went to the grave, I refuse to let my talents be muted or untapped, I help people become happier and healthier & I love what I do.


Our personal struggle to stay in great shape never stops it just slows, even on a personal level I must stay to the best of my abilities in all aspects of life.

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